I am an Assistant Professor at Notre Dame of Maryland University, where I teach media and communication courses. My area of research is emerging media, ICTs, and global social change. I’ve worked in sports television production with ESPN, ABC Sports, and Fox Sports Net.

I use this site mainly as a teaching tool to archive materials and share information that I find interesting and relevant to media, politics, tech and society.

Christensen CV


Emerging Media | Sociopolitical Change | Political Conflict | Global Communication | Global Development & Media | Digital Culture | Journalism Entrepreneurship | Conflict Reporting

Media Storytelling-Introductory and Advanced
Communication Research Methods
Media Law and Ethics
Strategic Communication
Media History
Several online graduate courses

Publications: Peer Reviewed Journals

Christensen, B. (2019). Cyber State Capacity: A model of authoritarian durability, ICTs, and emerging media. Government Information Quarterly.

Christensen, B. & Groshek, J. (2019)  Emerging media, political protests, and government repression in autocracies and democracies from 1995 to 2012. International Communication Gazette.

Groshek, J. & Christensen, B. (2016) Emerging Media and Press Freedoms as Determinants of Nonviolent and Violent Political Conflict, 1990-2006. International Communication Gazette.

Dahmen, N. S., & Christensen, B. (Spring, 2013). “A story of somber remembrance: Visual framing and iconicity in the 10-year commemorative coverage of 9/11.” Newspaper Research Journal.

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