I teach media and communication courses at Notre Dame of Maryland University, which is in Baltimore. I am interested in many types research including emerging media, ICTs, and global social change, international relations, sociopolitical stability, and conflict & peace.

I’ve worked in sports television production with ESPN, ABC Sports, and Fox Sports Net. I also have sales and marketing experience in the financial and insurance industries.


Emerging Media | Mobile Technology | Sociopolitical Change | Political Conflict| Global Communication | Global Development & Media | Globalization | Digital Culture | Institutional & Societal power relations

Media Storytelling-Introductory and Advanced
Communication Research Methods
Media Law and Ethics
Strategic Communication
Media History

Publications: Peer Reviewed Journals

Groshek, J. & Christensen, B. (2016) Emerging Media and Press Freedoms as Determinants of Nonviolent and Violent Political Conflict, 1990-2006. International Communication Gazette.

Dahmen, N. S., & Christensen, B. (Spring, 2013). “A story of somber remembrance: Visual framing and iconicity in the 10-year commemorative coverage of 9/11.” Newspaper Research Journal.

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