Media Storytelling II

READING for final Quiz: Wonder Woman

Readings for Quiz (2): Mona Lisa’s Smile

 Writing for the Web

Assignment: Second audio podcast. Create, record, and edit your second audio. 10 min podcast on a non-fiction topic of your choice.

Reading for Quiz: Philosophy in the Islamic World


A Baccarat Binge Helped Launder the World’s Biggest Cyberheist

This week: Write your second story on your blog. This time try and take it further than the first. Think in terms of what kind of story would others want to read. Think about organizing, telling, the story in a way that has a beginning, middle, and ending. What happens to make us want to know more? Is there some type of challenge or conflict with the characters in the story that they need went through?

It should be over 400 words. Have images, videos, or posts from social media to add to the story. DUE OCT 23 END OF CLASS.


Making the Most of short form storytelling in radio

Why do Audio Stories Captivate?

What Makes for Great Audio Storytelling?

PODCAST: The 10 Minute Writer’s Workshop




Top Middle East YouTubers

UAE YouTubers

WEEK 2: First assignment and reading/video for Quiz 1

READING FOR QUIZ 1: Monday Sept. 4 (do the reading and watch the video).

Read this for Quiz 1    Susan Sontag on Storytelling

Watch this video for Quiz 1



For your first assignment I want you to get familiar with each of the platforms we will be using:    |    |

You need to think of story ideas for you first round of assignments. You can cover the same topic, or three different topics, but the stories themselves need to differ and add something new. Meaning, you can’t just say the exact same thing in all three stories.

You need to think of a story topic to 1. blog about on WordPress   2. podcast about on soundcloud    3. make a video or Vlog on YouTube

For your blog topic, write about it. For your podcast topic, make an audio recording and put it on soundcloud. For your video topic, make a video and upload it to YouTube. You can publish all of these as “Unlisted” so that no one can see them unless they have the link.

For this assignment, you do not have to go into great detail or actually do the story. Simply use each of the platforms to TELL me what your topics are. After you upload to soundcloud and to YouTube, copy and paste those links into the same blog post you created on wordpress to talk about your blog topic.

You can select any topic you want that is non-fiction. This could include people, places, events, professions, hobbies, policies, international news, etc. At the bottom of the page are some examples of good stories. Also, here are links to some podcasts and videos:

WEEK 1: Introduction

Timeless Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers. Brainpickings

Blog, Vlog, and podcast, what are they?

Create accounts:; YouTube; Soundcloud

Examples of each:








Philosophy in the Islamic World

You Are The Product

To Catch a Counterfeiter

Ghoulish Acts and Dastardly Deeds



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